Manei is an Impreza coupe inhabitant from White Mountain and wanted to have a bank where he can keep money and dreams about it.

You tell him about My City and you can have a bank to deposit money you don't want to keep in your pockets into and withdraw money from if you're low on funds. The bank is called Snow Bank, a reference to his previous home.


  • "I love money. I wish I could just count money all day and live my life that way. Everybody says they don't want or need my bank. I can't understand why."
  • Is there a cutting edge city you know of where a bank would be needed? Let me know, okay?
  • (before telling him about My City) "I'm looking for a modern city where banking will be needed."
  • (after telling him about My City) "Hmm..."My City" eh? Most new cities need banks. I'll go and see! Thanks!"
  • (after the protagonist told him about My City) "Thank you very much. When I get ready, I'll go to My City."
  • "Welcome to Snow Bank! I'm Manei, from White Mountain! Everyone in this city uses our bank. Would you like to use our bank?"
  • "You have {insert total number of money} {insert currency} in your account. What do you want to do?"
  • (when the protagonist is leaving his bank) "Thank you. We will look forward to your next visit."