City Chestnut Canyon
Gender Male
Car Brown Mercedes Benz CE [C124]
Recruitable No

Mason (Japanese: メイソン Mason) is a hillbilly who lives in his cabin in Chestnut Canyon. Despite living in a luxurious, spacious area, he is not visited by many. This is because his house is only available to visit by going through the cave at the top of the canyon. He is visited automatically after finishing the Rock Climbing challenge. If players try entering his house without having completed rock climbing immediately before, his house will be locked.


  • "Ho ho! You climbed this steep mountain! You are something! You must be tired. But this tiredness feels so comfortable to a hillbilly. That's why I chose to live here! Ha ha ha ha!!! Come and climb this mountain again!"
  • "Ho ho! You climbed this steep mountain in 2 minutes! Aren't you tired? But this tiredness feels so comfortable to a hillbilly. Ho ho! You are something!"


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