Maya Carton
Maya Carton
City Chestnut Canyon
Gender Female
Car Purple Tucker Sedan
Recruitable No

Maya Carton lives in her colourful house in Chestnut Canyon and is an artist. When the protagonist visits her, the painting looks more like an explosion and if the protagonist picks the top option, she will "explode", if the protagonist picks the bottom option she'll give the protagonist her painting and there's a stamp earned for this.


  • "Huh? Oooh, no! You mean big bang? Oooh!! an "explosion"?"
  • (if the protagonist said "E... Explosion?") "Whaaaat!! You! No, no. You don't get art. No, no. Study art, and come back!"
  • (after the protagonist said "Yes! It's an explosion!") "Ohh! Yes! Yes! You are wonderful! You know art! You do know how wonderful this painting is, right? I'll give this to you! I painted this!! Treasure it!! {insert greeting} No, no. Study art, and come back! {insert greeting} I'll give this to you!"


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