City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Verdun Green Lancia Stratos

Maykus is an old Choro-Q sight seeing during the events of Choro-Q HG 4. He apparently appears in the story that Norahike tells when the player visits him about the story they heard from Gedluna. There next to Norkia and Otto, he stands on the third podium.


Maykus is an elderly Choro-Q and it's been mentioned that he doesn't have much time left. He is the husband of Poys. Together, the two go sight seeing the rest of Choro-Q Island before their time runs out. When the player is in front of the Getra Palace, there is a chance this duo will greet the player and ask for directions to Getra Palace. The player will then direct them to the Palace, which so happens to be just to their left. Excited, Poys will ask for the player's name.

Two months pass and the player will recieve an email from Poys saying that Maykus has passed away. Maykus wrote the player's name into his will and the Poys mentions that the player would inherit 100,000 G from his will. The money will be given after the player finishes reading the letter.


  • How do you do? May I ask you a question?
  • (If you say no) That's too bad. Let's go.
  • I appreciate it. Umm, do you know where the palace is?
  • Protagonist: Here.
  • Oh! That's where it is. I'm on a tour, but I'm getting old. I can't see very well.
  • You were a big help. May I ask your name?
  • Protagonist: I'm __________. I'm a racer.
  • Oh! How wonderful! Good luck. Excuse us now.


  • Maykus is modelled after a Lancia Stratos. If Choro-Q bodies represented age, Maykus would've been around 40 years old by the time he died.
  • Maykus' Lancia Stratos model also has the headlights closed, which could mean he lost his eyesight as he aged. The same body in Choro-Q HG has the headlights opened.
  • The Lancia Stratos in real life was one of the most successful rally racing cars ever. Maykus could have been a rally racer before the player's time. This may explain the large sum of cash given to the player in his will.
  • Poys and Maykus both are similar to Keish and Nyakki. There is a possibility that they are part of the Megbeth family.
  • A familiarly colored frame, that looks like him appears in one of the flashbacks within the game.
  • Maykus could be a former Grand Prix racer, having raced against Otto, you can see it in the story of Norkia and Norahike, he placed 3rd. But that is unknown if he was so, unless there is any official information.


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