City Grunge Garden
Gender Male
Car White 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM

Meister appears in front of the final course gate in the lake after you have acquired 30 flags. He is the legendary racer of the world, at the end of the outro credits; he grants the player his crown to show that he is now the new legend.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hmm. Looks like you've finally gathered 30 Flags. It was a long wait. My real name is Meister. Yes, the legendary Meister! You're qualified to challenge me. Now, it is time to open the last gate with your hands! I will head first to the course."
  • "Why are you standing here? We can't start the race if you stay in this world forever! Hurry up and get to the course gate!"


  • Meister means "Champion" in German.
  • Most Choro-Qs thought that Meister's name was just his title.


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