City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Tan 2003 Nissan Primera Sportswagon

Mektakarit is a horologist/astronomer who researches the connections between the past and the stars. He sends the protagonist into the past via time travel, by having them drive around the Brachy Town fountain 10 times within a 1 minute time limit. The past is that of an undeveloped Brachy Town. You can find the Angel's Wings here in a chest that is hidden behind some trees. Once they have returned to the present, he will give them CD 12 if the experiment was successful, and goes back to working on his research. The protagonist will also need to visit him post-game in order to meet Norkia's younger self, once Charlanki is arrested and the letter from him is received.


  • (If the protagonist sees him during the night) "Good to see you. I talked about the light of stars last time. Actually, the light of stars record the past. Here's a difficult story. The light that reaches here from far away records the past. So by tracking back the light, we should be able to make the past appear. I focused on the water of the fountain that falls in a constant manner. The dome-shaped water screen membrane is storing the light of stars. So by releasing it with Choro-Q's rotation, the world stored in the light should appear. In other words, it's a time shift experiment. By rotating fast around this water fountain, the membrane will lose its energy balance. If my logic is correct, we are able to go to the past. Drive around the water fountain 10 times counter-clockwise. Why don't you try? I'll wait here. If it's dangerous, I'll drive the other way to pull you back."
  • (After returning from the past version of Brachy) "The experiment is successful! How was the past? Keep what you saw in your mind. I'm going back to research. See you."
  • (Giving the CD to the protagonist for successfully experiencing the past for the first time) "To celebrate our success, I'll give you a rare CD. Kalistans living on Planet Jump dropped this."


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