City White Mountain
Gender Male
Car Black/Yellow Toyota Hiace
Recruitable Yes

Merrin (Japanese: メリン Merrin) just lives in his huge cabin up the slope. Merrin thinks that there is a ghost somewhere just underwater, when you visit the ghost, he will state that he isn't. When you go back to Merrin and report all of this, he just made a mistake and apologises to you for his own trouble by giving you the body.


  • "Hi, my name is Merrin. Have you already heard the rumour of a ghost? Well, it's not a rumour. He really does exist. I don't know why, but he seems to come out from the Temple Under the Sea. I feel like the ghost isn't bad. He hasn't done anything bad. I would really like to help him out. Can you help me out, please?"
  • (after the protagonist says "OK!") "Oh! Thanks! If you do see a ghost try to talk to him, okay? I wish protection for you! Good luck!"
  • (after the protagonist meets "the ghost") "Oh! You've found the ghost, right? ....... Oh, dear! He wasn't a ghost? What have I done? What a shame! Shame on me! I have made a terrible mistake! I hope I'm forgiven for this horrible thing I've done. You are such a nice, understanding person. You've corrected my mistake. I have something for you. Please take this. Always keep your heart clean and open. All right."
  • (before recruiting him) "Hi! How are you? You know, I like to race, but I always race alone. To be honest, I want a racing teammate. If you don't mind replacing a member of your team, can I join the team?"
  • (declining his request) "Oh, dear! Abandon me? The world can be so cold."
  • (accepting his request) "Gosh! Thanks a lot! You are my hero! Thank you very much! I won't let you down."
  • (whilst on your team) "Hi. So, how are you? I just know you will win the next race. Good luck!"
  • "Have a nice day!"


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