You may have been looking for Michael of Sandpolis.

Michael is a resident of Papaya Island. He reveals that there's a mad person who hunts for fake bears.


  • "Hi! How are you? Have you heard of Bigfoot Joe who lives on the north side of White Mountain? He's mad! He hunts for fake bears! See you later!"
  • (If the protagonist has not visit Bigfoot Joe) "Hi! How are you? Did you meet Big Foot Joe, who lives on the north side of White Mountain? What? You haven't met him? He's mad! He's never home because he's always hunting fake bears! Koo Koo!"
  • (Before recruiting him) "Hi! How are you? Is racing fun? I'm not having fun. It's because I can't find a good team. Will you let me join your team?"
  • (Declining his request) "Oh, too bad. If you change your mind, come and talk to me! I'll be waiting!"
  • (Accepting his request) "Thank you. We're a team now. Nice to join your team. I'll try hard, instead of your old teammate."
  • (Whilst on your team) "Hi! How are you? Do you like me now? I like you a lot.
  • "Oh, I have to go. I'm meeting my sweetheart. He he."


  • There are two Michaels in the game, the one in Papaya Island and the other one is in Sandpolis.