City Sandpolis
Gender Male
Car Pink 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
Recruitable Yes

Michael drives around the strip and outskirts of Sandpolis, he tells you that he competed against Johnny in a drag race, Michael lost the race and feels miserable. He will soon be impressed if you beat Johnny and will then want to be recruited to your team.


  • "Hi! My name is Michael. I am so hard on myself. Why, you ask? You know about the wooden road? There I was challenged to a drag race, but I lost. I felt so miserable! You should challenge him! He's really fast."
  • (before recruiting him) Hi! I am researching the best way to enjoy racing. I need to research team racing. With your permission, I'd like to be on your team.
  • (declining his request) Oh, that's too bad. If you change your mind, let me know.
  • (accepting his request) Thank you. You won't regret this.
  • (whilst on your team) Hi! Team racing is so enjoyable. This is great for my research.
  • I still can't win in the drag race. Have you tried? It's at the wooden road!



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