City Papaya Island
Gender Male
Car Green/Yellow '82 Chevrolet Corvette C3
Recruitable No

Micky challenges you to a game of Beach Race. Beach Flag is a game where the objective is to obtain the flag before anyone else. If you beat him you will obtain Stamp 78. After you beat Micky, you can play against him again but you will get no reward even if you win. He lives on the shore of Papaya Island.


  • "I'm Micky! I love Beach Flag! It's fun to play Beach Flag under the glare of the sun. Do you want to play Beach Flag?"
  • (explaining the rules) "Here are the rules: Beach Flag is a 2-player game. You compete for speed and timing. You wait with your back towards the flag. When you hear the start signal, make a U-turn and GO. Whoever gets the flag below the gate first wins."
  • (after you said "Yes") "Here we go!"
  • (after you lost) "Hehehe! I win!"
  • (after you won) "Oh! You're fast! I can't believe this. That was amazing. You win. I'll give you this! Let's play again!"


  • He is probably revealed by Grandma Dizzy because he might be her grandson.