City Peach Town
Gender Male
Car Gray Lamborghini Diablo
Recruitable Yes

Milton (known in Japan as ミルトン (Miruton)) is a recruitable car found in Peach Town. He also offers his opinion on the President, saying he is unpredictable - Milton thinks that is just fine with him. Milton wants to join you in the races so that he could show the president his correct doings. Milton is also a fast racer, comparible to Best, and will often come in the Top 5 when given the right parts.


  • Hi! How are you? The President is so unpredictable! He's turning over the presidency to the winner of a race! I suppose it's ok with me.
  • (before recruiting him) Hi! How are you? Nice day today. I'm going to be in the front with you. How about adding me to the team, replacing your current teammate?
  • (declining his request) What?! No? I wanted to race together. I'll let it go this time.
  • (accepting his reuqest) All right! You won't regret this!
  • (whilst on your team) Hi! How are you? Let's win the next race!


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