City Papaya Island
Gender Female
Car Purple/White Mazda MX-5
Recruitable Yes

Minerva is the long lost girlfriend of Klien. When you give the letter in a bottle to her from Klien, she reads it and they come together again. Minerva then moved to Peach Town later, where Klien lived.


  • "Hello! Are you a tourist? Isn't this a nice place? Talking of travelling, I've been to Peach Town before. Oh, you know Peach Town? That town is nice and relaxing. If you go to the west of Papaya Island through the sea, you'll find the place. It's quite close. I met a fellow called Klien. He was cute. Oh, I'm sorry. I keep talking about me. Well, enjoy Papaya Island!"
  • "What's this? It's from Klien?? He really sent me a letter in a bottle? Oh, how romantic he is! I didn't think he would really send me a letter. Thank you so much! I'll go and see him again!"


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