City Grunge Garden
Gender Female
Car Red Volkswagen Beetle [Typ 1]

Miranda (Japanese: ミランダ) wants to go to a parent/teacher conference to see her son, but she lost her ring in the lake. Fortunately, you decided to give it back to her and she gave you Police Items as a reward. She refers herself as being an ignorant girl because she doesn't know what a Meister and Grand Prix is about.


  • "I'm so troubled.. I'm going to be so late! Oh! You! I don't know who you are, but you've come at a good time! I need to go to a parent/teacher conference and I'm in such a rush! I accidentally dropped my precious jewellery in the lake! But I don't want to go into that lake looking for it! If I don't have it, I'm going to be in so much trouble. If it isn't much trouble, would you find it for me? Thank you!"
  • "Wait a minute? That thing you're holding! It's my jewellery! Hurry up and give it back! It's all wet! But now, I can go to the conference. .....What are you looking at? You want something in return? Fine.. Here, take this. Hurry up and go! ..... ..... ? You still want something in return? You're so persistent. Here, this is the last one! Now hurry up and leave! Shoo! Shoo! Now!"
  • "Oh, you're still here? What? Parent/teacher conference? Oh, everyone makes mistakes! Unlike me, I had mistaken the day of the conference!"


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