Moisy is a musical car on Papaya Island. He wanted to play an recorder and when you give him the recorder, he gives you the magazine which Fight wanted. When you see Moisy again, he cannot play with the recorder because it was dirty and he is blowing it to clean it.


  • "Hey! Do you know of canary recorders? Well, I guess you wouldn't because you don't have the same hobby as I do. I can play the canary recorder better than anyone else around here! Isn't it funny that I don't have one? Go and find one!"
  • (if you have the Canary Recorder) "Huh? Oh!! That's it!! That's the canary recorder that I wanted! Give me that! You don't need that."
  • (if you do not give him the Canary Recorder) "Why? What will you do with it?! Oh, I know.... You want to brag that you have a Canary Recorder. Isn't that right? Ok...I understand. Please give it to me when you're finished bragging."
  • "Oh, it's you! Do you feel like giving me the canary recorder now? Come on!"
  • (if you give him the Canary Recorder) "Yes, yes! I'll take it and I won't give it back! I have something though. So, since I read this already I'll give it to you. Be thankful that I'm giving you something this valuable."


  • After you've given the Canary Recorder to Moisy, he blows into it and claims he's just blowing dust out
  • He has the same body as James.