City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Orange/Green Renault 5 Turbo

Mokrin is a weapons collector in Noise City. He has shotguns, melee weapons and other things that are dangerous. He dispatches you to deliver the suspicious package to Harris, who doesn't want it and says that you got the wrong contact. Mokrin then decided to dispatch you to Leman instead. Later, Mokrin got told off by Leman, because he claimed it was bad to do it.


  • "Hee hee hee. A face I've never seen before. Nice to meet you. What? Is there anything you could do? Hee hee hee. You've come at a good time. I want this to be delivered. Really simple. I want it delivered to Harris' house. Hee hee hee. Will you do it?"
  • "Hee hee hee, well here it is. I'll put it on for you. There's a secret rule to this. If you don't have it equipped, they won't accept it. To get to Harris' house, exit this building and make a right. Then, there's a narrow alley. Go along that road until you come to a big road. It's a building near there. It's all yours now. If you get lost, come back and ask."
  • "Hee hee hee. Sorry for testing you... I don't want you to be mad. These things have to be with someone who I can trust. It would be a problem if you were a bad person. Now this is for real. Take this to Leman who lives in the same building as Harris. You understand? Leman's the name. It's all yours now."


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