Mond is a quiet car driving around Papaya Island. He also wanted to race with someone on his team but the others won't and he is frustrated. If he joins you, he claims he will be making the racers pay for their negativity on his offers to race. Mond is fascinated by "The Papu Tree" and he wants you to go and see it. By doing that, Mond will recruitable after you've met the Papu Tree and Romba. Minerva drives around the Papu Tree if you are stuck doing Klien's mission. In most races, Mond places in around 6th-14th at least.


  • The location of the Papu Tree is to the east of Papaya Island, downstream, before the tunnel. It's on the higher level of the riverbank. You should go there.
  • (before recruiting him) This is the prophecy of the Papu Tree: Team up with me. .......... I'm faster than your teammate. What is your decision?
  • (declining his request) Hmph!
  • (accepting his request) Good! I'll do my best instead of your old teammate.
  • (whilst on your team) You're a nice guy.
  • There's just one thing I need to say. Sorry I'm so quiet.