Morozof is a Choro-Q that can be found wandering around the lakeside. He tells you about a mysterious old man near the lake, and warns you to be careful of him.


  • "Hey {Protagonist's Name}. I heard you want to challenge the legendary Meister. That's good. Everyone admires the strong, especially when they're young. Well, good luck. Well, this is my feeling. I'm rooting for you! Oh yeah! I'll teach you something about racing. Shifting your weight! By choosing to do it or not, there is a big difference. Make sure you master it! Good luck!"
  • "Hey {Protagonist's Name}. Maybe it's just me, but you look stronger these days. It's kind of like watching your own child grow up. I'm so happy for you. But that man by the lake. He's so suspicious. I tried talking to him, but he only says weird things. Be careful of him, {Protagonist's Name}! You never know what people like that are thinking."