City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Red/Green Toy Locomotive
Recruitable Yes

Mug is a Choro-Q locomotive that can be found driving around the main Cloud Hill road loop. Mug suffers from asthma and feels embarrassed about 'breathing' too hard, saying he needs earplugs to block out hearing his own noise. This is a humorous play on the fact he is a steam engine, as in the loud 'chuffing' noise produced from a steam engine's pistons pumping back and forth, and smoke escaping from the funnel. If you recruit him onto your team, you'll find he isn't a very competitive racer, that drives at a very slow pace and will often place as low as 15th position, if he only has more average parts equipped. His poor racing ability is comparable to fellow Cloud Hill racer, Giz.


  • Hoot!!! I'm Mug. Am I breathing too hard? People say that a lot. I tell them to buy earplugs!
  • "Hoot!!! I'm Mug. Am I breathing too hard? People tell me that a lot. It hurts my feelings. I'm embarrassed about my breathing so I hide when the president appears. What does he look like?"
  • (if the player is president, before recruiting him) Hoot!!! I'm the second fastest to the president! You think so too, huh? Do you want to add me to your team, replacing your teammate?
  • (if the player is president, declining his request) Pfft... Too bad... I'm going down...
  • (if the player is president, accepting his request) Hoot, hoot!!! Great! We're a team now. I'm not letting anyone say anything! I'm gonna work hard!
  • (if the player is president, whilst on your team) Hoot, hoot, hoot!!! Let's have a nice race!
  • (if the player is president) You know, I've never met the new president. I'm embarrassed about my breathing, so I hide when someone yells, "There's the president!"


  • The body design does not appear to be based on any particular type of real steam locomotive class, and has more of a generic toy-like appearance.


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