City Brachy
Gender Male
Car White/Red Toyota Hiace

Murtica is the head doctor of the hospital in Brachy Town. He takes you to see Barat when you learn he hasn't been entering as many races as of late. Later on he tried to cure Barat's disease, though his efforts were in vain because the disease was uncurable.

As an optional event, you can donate to the hospital after talking to Murtica about it, then going to the bank and donating. If you donate a certain amount, Murtica will give the Weird Medicine as a thank you gift.


  • "How do you do? This is Murtica Hospital. Well, well..."
  • "How do you do? Need a hospital stay? No? Well, well..."
  • "How do you do? Visiting someone? No? Well, well..."
  • Hello welcome to the hospital. Needing something, no? Well, well.
  • Hello there. Visiting someone, no? Well, well.
  • "The hospital is so old and small. If you have extra money, do not hesitate to donate it to the Murtica Hospital. Make the donation at the bank."
  • (If the protagonist has donated much enough money) "How do you do? The hospital is so gorgeous!! Someone made a donation to the hospital. The world is still not that bad. I'm happy, so I'll give you this. It was a surprise! Well, well."
  • (If the protagonist has donated a small amount money) "How do you do? We received a donation! But he wasn't generous. The amount was so cheap! It doesn't help much. Well, but I'm thankful for it. Too bad!"
  • (In the Team HQ cutscene exit cutscene, the protagonist leaves before going to hospital) "Oh! I need to report this to Barat! (later, at the hospital) Hmm, that's funny. I know the room, so I'm going in."
  • (Ss the protagonist approaches the Balert ward, Murtica is inside telling Barat something) "I need to tell you something serious. You have a serious disease. You must have heard too... About a disease that stiffens your springs..."
Barat: "Ha ha, I know about it."
Barat: "I feel heavy deep inside my body. Creaking sound. It's incurable, huh?"
"I'm sorry! I wasn't much help."
Barat: "That's alright! I raced to the fullest. And I have a great rival. My rival will race for me."
"That good to hear, I'll do my best, too. See you. Well, well."


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