Mushroom Road
Mushroom Road
Type Off-Road
Location Inbetween Chestnut Canyon and White Mountain
Notable inhabitants 5
Mushroom Road (known in the Japanese version as キノコロード Kinoko Rōdo Mushroom Road) is a small village located north of Chestnut Canyon. Notably, there are no Choro-Q's outside any of the buildings or driving around within the vicinity of Mushroom Road. The Goddess makes her home in a pond towards the back of the city. 

Background Edit

Mushroom Road is a village located in the Western area of the Choro-Q HG 2 world. It revolves around Mushrooms, however no real ones are seen in the game. The Mushroom theme, also continues into the Chestnut/Mountain Forest, where overly large mushrooms are seen near the bridges and as Quick-Pic Shops. Mushroom Road has a Parts Shop but no Body Shop or Paint Shop


Local Buildings Edit



  • The Golf mini-game takes place in Mushroom Road. The actual field on which the game is played is not seen ingame anywhere, unless you go into the Golf building and play golf.
  • It is hard to believe that Slick Track and Oval Raceway are in Mushroom Road as there isn't any mushrooms anywhere.


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