Mushroom Road (known in the Japanese version as キノコロード Kinoko Rōdo Mushroom Road) is a small village located north of Chestnut Canyon. Notably, there are no Choro-Q's outside any of the buildings or driving around within the vicinity of Mushroom Road. The Goddess makes her home in a pond towards the back of the city. 

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Mushroom Road is a village located in the Western area of the Choro-Q HG 2 world. It revolves around Mushrooms, however no real ones are seen in the game. The Mushroom theme, also continues into the Chestnut/Mountain Forest, where overly large mushrooms are seen near the bridges and as Quick-Pic Shops. Mushroom Road has a Parts Shop but no Body Shop or Paint Shop


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  • The Golf mini-game takes place in Mushroom Road. The actual field on which the game is played is not seen ingame anywhere, unless you go into the Golf building and play golf.
  • It is hard to believe that Slick Track and Oval Raceway are in Mushroom Road as there aren't any mushrooms anywhere. There's no reason the designers and programmers couldn't have added the mushrooms as 3D graphics into the races like they did with River Raceway, but they didn't.