Type Industrial City
Location Quewar
Notable inhabitants 12
  • A view of the Arena building
  • A view of the Garage and Parts Shop
  • Q-Stein Guard Base, with doors open
  • Q-Tank factory
Naldnick is an industrial city where the skies are polluted and Q-Tanks' radiators get clogged. There are lots of busy workers and soldiers at strict patrol. This city is home to a Q-Stein Guard Base.

Involvement Edit

Two different operation plots involve destruction and stealth. The first involves destroying enemy communication towers and then annihilating Sergeant Matthews, who used a guard carrier to lure the player into a trap. The second involves sneaking into the town, destroying enemy blockhouses and defeating the Q-Steins' latest experimental weapon, Hetero.

Landmarks Edit

  • Q-Stein Guard Base: A military base built into a canyon with a secret door that a guard carrier comes out of.


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