Natsuo, the self-proclaimed "Speed Guy", is a Choro-Q that challenges you to a round of the Highway Race. After beating him in the Highway Race, he will give you the Urban Pattern.

Quotes Edit

  • "I am speed! Speed is me! You dare to challenge Speed Guy?! Hehehe, you want to race?"
  • (After the protagonist says "Yes!!") "OK! Let's go to the starting point!"
  • (After the protagonist retires) "Hehehe, retire? Hehehe, race again?"
  • (After the protagonist says "No") "Oh. Well, I'll race you anytime."
  • "Hehehe! Good to see you! They call me "Speed Guy". If you want to race, I'm always ready. Hehehe, you want to race?"
  • (After the protagonist has  won and beat the lap time) "Gosh!!! What speed! You not only beat me, you also beat the best lap time. You are the true "Speed Guy"! I'll give you this! I want to race you again!"


  • He can be found in the outskirts of Fuji City, just before the start of the Fuji/Sandpolis Highway.
  • He is Wangan Midnight-inspired, because the Devil Z is also a Fairlady Z and they both race on the highways.
    • His name is Natsuo .Natsu(夏)is summer and fall(autumn) is called Aki(秋). The main character who drives Devil Z is Akio Asakura. That's why he is named like that.