City Peach Town
Gender Male
Car White 1984 Nissan Skyline (R30)
Recruitable Yes

Newman (known in Japan as ニューマン (Nyūman)) is a white Nissan Skyline R30. He tells the player about Barrel Rolling mini-game and about Grandpa Tal. He is also recruitable.


  • Hello. My name is Newman. Have you heard about Grandpa Tal? He's an odd old man who lives east of Peach Town. He likes to roll Barrels at people. I wish someone would do something.
  • (before recruiting him) Hello. Don't let my looks deceive you. I'm pretty fast. I drive all day. I don't think you'll regret adding me to your team.
  • (declining his request) Too bad. Let me know if you change your mind.
  • (recruited) Then it's settled. Let's work hard together! Farewell then.
  • (whilst on your team) Racing is so much fun! We'll win the next race. Farewell then.


  • Newman's name is a reference to the real life Nissan Skyline R30 Paul Newman Edition, sold in 1983. The R30 Skyline was also referred to as the Newman Skyline. Newman himself is an R30 Skyline.