City White Mountain
Gender Male
Car Blue 1994 Nissan 180SX [RPS13]
Recruitable No

Nick (known in Japan as ニック (Nikku)) is the inhabitant of White Mountain who knows about the Temple Under the Sea.


  • "Hi! So what do you think about White Mountain? Pretty nice, eh? Ah, this bright white land... Isn't it beautiful? When I went into the cave at that snowcapped mountain, guess what happened? There was an ocean at the end! I jumped into the water and there was a temple-like building underwater. Oh my, that was beautiful!"
  • (if you have been to the Temple Under the Sea) How's it going? Oh! So you've been to the Temple Under the Sea too? Ahhhh! There was a person living inside there?! I'd like to visit him next time. Thanks for the wonderful news!