Niebo is a member of the prestigious Kisbaba family and the team captain of Team Kisbaba, and he commonly uses anastrophe. He claims that he has a crush on Shayne and often goes to her bakery to buy some cakes, just to see her.

Quotes Edit

  • (Overtakes the player during the Grand Prix) "You came in 3 degrees off."
  • (Overtakes the player during the Grand Prix) "Point 5 seconds late on your course."
  • (Overtaken during the Grand Prix) "Point 2 seconds early, I braked."
  • (Overtaken during the Grand Prix) "Point 7 seconds late, I blocked."
  • (Overtaken during the Grand Prix) "I, you, me? You, I, you?"
  • (When you are in a close race with him) "Close distance, you and me."
  • "A careful racer, faster than anyone, I am. Know you, I don't"
  • "Taking course data is important in racing. Utilizing data, I am. Lack of data, you have. 75% odds of losing, you have."
  • "Able to adapt to any course, I can. Only instincts, you have. 15% increase in confidence of victory, I have obtained."
  • "Otto's winning percentage was 99% from my calculation, but you won! I lost... Cannot believe it, I. Superior racer, you are."
  • "Attracted to Shayne at the pastry shop, I am. Only to see Shayne, I'll go buy cake. Pathetic, I am. Concentrate on racing, I cannot. on racing, I cannot."


  • Niebo's speaking pattern is roughly based off of Yoda from the Star Wars franchise.