City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Yellow/Blue 1976 Ferrari 512BB

Nobu is the Livehouse master in Noise City. He wanted pianists/keyboard players, guitarists, bassists and drummers to make his club more popular.


  • Hi. This is the Livehouse where music fanatics come to gather, Club RT. And I am the master of this place, Nobu. Nice to meet you. Do you like music too? Hmm, I see... Well, I have a favour to ask. It is my dream to have a wonderful band play here. And I was hoping if you could gather good people for me. OK, remember this... We need guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. But there's probably a whole bunch of different types of people in each category. Gather four members with similar sounds, then the music should be wonderful. Well, thanks again. See you!
  • Hey, that's a frog ornament, isn't it? These are the new colours for this year, huh? I buy one every year. Thanks for the delivery, Oh, and keep an eye out for the band members too.
  • You've gathered all the members. Now it's time for some passionate music! Would you like to see their performance?
  • Are you going to watch them perform? Enjoy!


  • FroKero says Nobu buys from him and everyone every year.
  • Nobu means "prolong, stretch" in Japanese.


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