City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Purple Nissan President

Nohoho has been president for many years in Starsky Corporation, now he wanted to retire and decided which employer will be the next president. After you picked either Barry or Kotz, he can now retire without any worries and also the company has now been stabilized.


  • Hello, eh? I don't know who you are, but you've come at a good time. There was something I wanted to ask someone outside of our company. I want to retire and live life freely. And right now, there's two workers. Barry and Kotz, who are very well indeed. Out of the two, who is more suited to be president? Won't you think it over with me?
  • Oh really? Thank you so much! Please examine each very carefully.
  • Oh! I've been waiting so long... Which do you think?
  • (if you selected either Barry or Kotz as the next president) Oh, I see? Just as I thought. Well, it's decided then. 


  • He is the president of the Starsky Corp. and his body is a "Nissan President".
  • He is just like President Forest who was looking for someone to replace him.


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