City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Blue Ferrari Testarossa

Norsh appears in Story 3, he seems to have never forgotten about his son, Morsh. He is a chassis designer and he makes them for the Royal family. After you've won a few races, he'll grant you the special chassis, the FX90. You can hear the story from a Choro-Q who is roaming around Nyaky Town, he tells you that "Norsh can't forget his son." So Morsh seems to have died. Sometimes, this lonely dad gives you parts to be synthesized, if he isn't talking about the chassis.


  • "Morsh? Oh, my son, Morsh!"
Protagonist: "(???)"
"I was waiting for you! I've been waiting and waiting! Your mother couldn't wait any longer, and went to heaven."
Protagonist: "(???)"
"Take a seat. Are you gonna start work right away? Measurement is essential when working on the chassis frame."
Protagonist: "I'm the racer..."
"That's right. You were not going to succeed my work. You are such a bad son. No contact after you went to war. Your dream was to become a racer. You finally came back. Try hard to fulfill your dream! You should be glad that you can race all you want without any interruptions. Don't you think so?"
Protagonist: "You've got the wrong guy..."
"I know! Take the chassis I'm making, when it's done. I'm going back to work. Come back next month."
  • (when he is done with the chassis) "Oh, Morsh! It's done!"
Protagonist: "Um,'ve got it wrong."
"I know what you're saying. This is my original chassis, FX 90!! You can have it. Try using it in a race. I'm going back to work. You work hard too."
Protagonist: "Mr. Norsh, umm... I will."
  • (giving a fusing item) "Oh, Morsh! Daddy's going back to work. You work hard too."


  • Most of the items that Norsh gives has something to do with military. It seems as if it may be a clue of what happened to Morsh and why he is traumatized about the death of his son.


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