City My City
Gender Male
Car White/Black Honda H-RV
Recruitable No

Nouri is an artist in Papaya Island, he also dreamt about painting people. He wants a job in a paint shop in a city. So you give him the job at My City.


  • "Oh! I'm Nouri. I love paint shops. It's fun to paint my body with different colours. I want to have my own paint shop!"
  • Do you know of any city that needs a paint shop? Tell me if you find one.
  • (before telling him about My City) "Do you know of any city that needs a paint shop?"
  • (not telling him about My City) Oh, you don't know? Hummm, who should I ask? Tell me if you find a nice place.
  • (after telling him about My City) "Oh! My City? I didn't know. Thank you! You know a nice place. It's far, but I'll go there!"
  • "Oh! It's you! Thanks for coming! I'm Nouri, from Papaya Island. Nice to see you! You can change the colour of your body or your teammate's. Use the directional buttons to select a colour, then choose OK. You can also choose two-tone. Painting either a body or the wheels costs 100 {insert currency unit}. Painting both will cost 200 {insert currency unit}. Who do you want to paint?"
  • "Come again, if you want to change the colour."


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