City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Green Lancia Stratos

Nyakki is the chief of Team Megbeth. He is a Choro-Q who has the namesake of the town that he lives in, with one other being Nyagri.

Quotes Edit

  • (Overtakes the player during the Grand Prix) "No mistakes, it's passing you."
  • (Overtakes the player during the Grand Prix) "No meaning in passing you."
  • (Overtakes the player during the Grand Prix) "You're already in the past."
  • (Overtakes the player during the Grand Prix) "Worn out tyres, that's comfort."
  • (Overtaken during the Grand Prix) "Move! Don't wanna be tough."
  • (Overtaken during the Grand Prix) "Better than doing nothing"
  • (Overtaken during the Grand Prix) "We're dead when we stop running"
  • (Overtaken during the Grand Prix) "No purpose in fighting."
  • "Worn out tires. Oily body. Comfort. That's all I can say."
  • "You're {Protagonist}. No words are necessary between rivals!"
  • "Coughing engine, dirty plugs, trick for chokes... You don't know... That's all I can say for now."


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