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Type Romantic
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Nyaky Town (Nyakitaun in Japanese) is the third and last city in Choro-Q HG 4, it is home to the Emperor of the Races.

Background Edit

Nmito 00
Nyaky is a beautiful, peaceful and romantic city. The city was built above water surrounded only by two mountains with tunnels that connect the city with Brachy and Poqui. There are many locales to visit while exploring the rich city, such as the Fotbar LabratoryYarg's Church, and the Getra Palace. Team Sovass is stationed here at this city as well as Ania with Team Kisbaba. From here, the player will have the ability to use the Parts Synthesizer, combining key items achieved throughout the story to produce higher quality parts that the player can use. By visiting the church the player can pray for a plethora of different options, including praying for a teammate (if in a team) to get better. 


Buildings Edit

  • Bulletin Board
  • Ania's House
  • Yarg's Church
  • Torche's House
  • Laltapass's House
  • Shayne's Cake Shop
  • Nyaky Post Office
  • Nyaky Parts Shop
  • Nyaky Body Shop No.5
  • Nyaky Body Shop No.6
  • Merlin's House
  • Dalniche Embassy
  • Nyaky Congress
  • Nyaky Police
  • Team Sovass
  • Olstri's House
  • Korshall Historical Site
  • Norsh's House
  • Shoebinde's House
  • Charlanki's House
  • Arbuk's Cafe
  • Fotbar Laboratory
  • Getra Palace

Tasks Edit

  • Delivering the slot
  • The School Play
  • Engine Oil
  • Babadana
  • Chassis Design
  • God of Races
  • Sovass Tryout
  • Ania's Shopping
  • Ania's Course
  • Going Postal
  • Fortune
  • Named Victorious
  • Hiding the Rec
  • Meeting the Noble Couple
  • The News
  • Emperor's Encounter
  • Clearing the Game
  • Royal Cup Regulation
  • Hear dabout the tunnel
  • The Emperor's Deficient
  • A Goodbye to Otto
  • Scheming Arrest


  • Eztra N
    In Nyaky near the mailbox, Choro-Qs with the route there can get stuck when you talk to them.


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