City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Brown Jeep Wrangler

O'Connell is the wise man of Scratch Mountain. He is very positive about things and informs you on how to advance them correctly.


  • Where are you going in such a rush? Being in a hurry won't amount to anything good. Now, remember the time when you used to be young. When time really didn't matter. Well, I mean you can be in a hurry. But it really didn't matter. Anyways, lets slow things down. Talk to a bunch of people. And perhaps...You might be able to see things you weren't able to see before. Sometimes it is good to listen to a song or relax in the garage. I hope you like it!
  • Hey, as usual you seem busy. Let's relax more in life. Rushing things just makes things rush by you quicker. Enjoy talking to people around you more. There might be people just like me who keep saying the same things over and over. But listening to those types of things might actually help. Relaxed is the best way to be!


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