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2 players mode artwork.

The Obstacle Run (Japanese: わくわくジャングルWakuWaku Jungle) also known as the Obstacle Course is a mini-game in Papaya Island, where the player must complete a circuit full of narrow-bridges, pools of water and ramps.


The goal of the game is to complete a circuit of obstacles. The first section consists of 4 narrow wooden bridges, in which the player must successfully drive over. Falling off from one of them will disqualify the player in Adventure Mode, and respawn before it in 2 player mode. Then the next section is a river with small islands. Driving through the water can decrease the speed of the car, which is why one should use the Jet Turbines on this section, given they have acquired the item. Afterwards, there's a chamber with a pond of water and inside the pond there's a hole, which is indicated with a yellow arrow pointing down before you enter it. When that is completed, there's a series of logs and tree stumps that the player must avoid, but having the Big Tires equipped will allow you to drive over them and save a lot of trouble. Finally, the final section the player must successfully complete consists of four jumps, each separated by a trench. If the player falls in one of the trenches in Adventure Mode, they are disqualified but in 2 player mode, it can be an advantage, especially if the player is out of fuel, as the car respawns on the next jump.

Difficulties includes falling off the bridges or falling into the trenches. Another difficulty is losing fuel after using the jet turbine excessively (especially in the water).

Trivia Edit

  • You can fail the course in the river section by driving with the flow of water. Doing so will lead into falling of a waterfall.