Obsuff is a grumpy hermit and the retired racer in Brachy, who is angry about people coming to his house. When the protagonist tries to make a delivery to him from Shellon, he thinks the latter is playing a prank on him and kicks them out of his house but the protagonist comes back in and convinces him about his anniversary for his victorious racing. Obsuff is upset about the loss of his wife Shellon, because she had gotten a disease which stiffens the springs. The protagonist convinces Obsuff to become a racer again so he will fulfill his promise like Shellon did. Obsuff said he shouldn't quit and he will become a racer again and then he gives you the CD and pays you for his trouble.

Quotes Edit

  • "Who are you? Get out of here now!"
  • "I want to be alone. Get out of here!"
  • I'm Obsuff. Who are you?
Protagonist: I'm {Protagonist}. It's a delivery from Shellon.
Shellon!? Don't mess around. (kicks the protagonist out)
(The protagonist gets in his house again)You again! Shellon is already dead. That was 10 years ago.
Protagonist: But I just met her. Here take this.
What!? Wait, let me see. What month is it now? Yes, I made a promise to her. "I will become a racer, so wait for me for 10 years." After 10 years, we'll get married when she's 18. But she was weak since she was born. She had a disease which stiffens the spring. Today is exactly 10 years since that day. What do I do? I gave up becoming a racer. What could I say to Shellon?
Protagonist: That's easy! You should try becoming a racer again! Why are you hesitating? You made a promise! She kept her promise! Why don't you try too?
Yes, I shouldn't have quit. OK, I'm starting over again. I'll race to my limit! I feel as though I found something I've been forgetting. Take this as my thank you.
  • "Thanks for the other day. I'm training to become a racer!"
  • "Hi! It's you. I'm training to become a racer! I wanna race with you someday."
  • "Hey you, thanks for the other day. I'm practicing to become a racer again. I wanna race with you someday."