City Echo Forest
Gender Male
Car Green/Orange 1996 Toyota Caldina GT-T

Oliver (known in Japanese as オリバー (Oribā)) is Edima's father. His son has never come back yet since he is on a date with Kalaa Oliver thought Rica across the street is a wonderful woman, after Edima returned; Oliver lets you in to see him have your stickers copied. He is not involved in Kalaa's whereabouts.


  • The herb shop next door isn't really popular, is it? I bet no one outside of town knows about it. In our case, we want nobody to know about us. Hmm? Oh, nevermind.
  • Hmm, customer. Do you want to go to the second floor?
  • Our son, Edima went somewhere and hasn't returned. It's like Edima wandered off.
  • Watch your step.
  • You're done already?
  • Don't you think Rica across the street is a wonderful woman?


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