City White Mountain

Grunge Garden

Gender Male
Car Black Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star
Recruitable No

Orpheus is a black bus driving underwater near the temple and the edge of a mountain, there is a stamp earned by meeting him. Orpheus also gives you directions to Papaya Island.

He also appears in Grunge Garden as Orphe. He drives around the moat of the castle and he gives you a Floater as he thought it will actually help you win races easier.


  • What?? I'm not a ghost! Ha ha! I'm Black Bus Orpheus. Look, I have 4 tyres! What?? People say that I'm a ghost? Well, I just like to look at the Temple Under the Sea at night... Oh, I know! I'll give you this, so will you tell everyone that I'm not a ghost? I'm counting on you...
  • Oh, it's you. How's the rumour? Has it stopped? Hmm... I wonder why people said that I was a ghost? Now, I can take a drive around the Temple Under the Sea without any worries. I've enjoyed driving underwater, ever since I got this wing set from that man in the temple over there.
  • (meeting him the first time in Choro-Q HG 3) Hey! I'm Orphe! I love swimming in the water! This must be some kind of fate. Here, I'll give this to you. See you later.
  • Hey! The water feels so nice! Don't you think so? Yep, it's the best feeling. I wonder why I like it so much. See you later.
  • Oh? Hey! Frog! Yes, please give it to me! Awww! Thank you so much! This pinkish frog! I wanted one so much! Thank you very much!


  • You are told that there is a ghost in the sea, this is revealed to be Orpheus who tells you he is not a ghost and that he likes to drive in the sea at night.
  • He also appears in Choro-Q HG 3 but as Orphe. He is found in the moat in Grunge Garden.
  • He is named after the Greek Mythological poet and musician Orpheus, who went to the underworld to retrieve his dead wife Eurydice but their reunion was unsuccessful as Eurydice was drawn back to the Greek lord of the underworld Hades by having been glanced back at by Orpheus. His name is also related to the Greek word "orphne" which means "the darkness of night", this is a reference to the fact that Orpheus (referring to the character of this game) drives around the Temple Under the Sea at night and he is of a darker body colour.


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