City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Black/Gold Lotus 72 D

Otto (known in Japan as "ケーニヒ" (Kēnihi König)) or Sir Otto (known in Japan as "ケーニヒだんしゃく" (Kēnihi Danshaku Baron König)) , also known as "The Emperor of the Races," is the young legendary racer in the past until he lives in his palace to hide from the public because of the accident many years prior. He only appears in Choro-Q HG 4.


He is secretly Norkia's friend because they used to be good racers until Norkia died. After Helikost gave him the Letter of References, he finally agrees to let the player in to see him, At the beginning of the Final GP, the player gladly promises Otto a better future for him and Otto says when he wins, the future will change. At the final round, Otto slingshots just to give himself a head start but gets beaten by the player that Barat granted him the ability to follow the sixth sense. At the player's winning ceremony, Otto tells him a secret about how he was doing with his rivals and said that races are never without an incident, because it brings memories and promises the player a better future for his "glory days". When the player visits Otto again, Otto said that Royal Cup is now available and gives the player the CD after the player beats him. When the player visits Otto once more, he was sitting silently not feeling right and Helikost tells the player to leave. Later, Otto was deceased for unknown reasons, possibly old age.



  • Otto's name and biology is closely related to the historical figure, Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor (also known as Otto the Great of Germany). He was the emperor of Germany during the Holy War. In Choro-Q HG 4, Otto is the Emperor of Races and seemingly Emperor of Gapecotch. Otto the Great died at the age of 60 from falling ill which may closely connect within the game of how old and how Otto died. Otto the Great also disappeared from Germany for a long time like Otto disappears from racing in Choro-Q HG 4. The Choro-Q Coin also had Otto on it. This is closely related to the coin that was made with Otto the Great on it during his reign of Germany. Since Otto the Great was German it would most likely make Otto the Emperor of a Races to be German also. This is debatable since Otto's body is that of a Lotus 72 D; The body itself is British and never had a German driver at the wheel. However, such can only be derived from the body, so such assumptions are unfair as well.
  • Otto's original name; Japanese name is "ケーニヒ" (Kēnihi "König") which in german means "King" in German, therefore most likely making him german.
  • In the original version; the Japanese version, Otto is known as a "baron".
  • If Choro-Q bodies represented age, Otto would be 11 years younger than Norahike.


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