This Choro-Q is the owner of the cafe in Peach Town. He will give you a PT job around town for 10 per mile. He wants his cafe to be much more popular with much more customers.


  • (Before the protagonist gets a part-time job) "Hello! Welcome! Try a cup of our famous coffee? Man... Recently..., our crowd just died here... Hey! You! Going to race or ride in town? How about a part-time hand? There's really not much to it. All I ask is to show our sign and ride around. For 1 mile (NTSC version) or kilometre (J, PAL, and SK versions), I'll pay you 10 {insert currency unit}. How about it?"
  • (If the protagonist decline his part-time job offer) "Oh, of course. I understand. Come again."
  • (If the protagonist come again after declining his part-time job offer) "Hello! Ho ho ho ho... It's you... It's packed here..., as usual..., yeah, right... You wanna help a hand? How about it?"
  • (after the protagonist agrees to do a part-time job) "Gosh! How can I thank you... How is this... I'll put it on for you. You know, you can have a friend show that sign too... Check in, after you ride awhile."