Papaya Island
Papaya Island
Type Tropical Island
Location Northwest
Notable inhabitants 24
Papaya Island (Japanese: パパイヤアイランド Papaya Island) is an island with its own natural beauty. It can be found by going through the White Mountain cave, then going straight through the sea or jumping into the sea from anywhere else in the world and driving to the island. Like Mushroom Road, it doesn't have a Paint Shop.


Papaya Island is the largest region in terms of area, however less populated than its other large counterparts. It's most notably known, because of its natural beauty, its archipelago and its beach and the architectural ingenuity has Hawaiian and probably other Polynesian traditional flairs. It is separated into two parts, the urban area and the natural area. The natural area is in the north, and is home to an archipelago, a small village, a river and waterfall. The southern counterpart is a relatively urban area full of houses, and is home to the Mayor.

Papaya island is also the only way to get to Cloud Hill at the start of the game, the city in the sky. The car who allows you to get to Cloud Hill lives on a little island at the end of the river, in front of the two waterfalls in Papaya Island. You must go the north of the island and you have to drive off the opening of the waterfall to land on the small, raised island that is the gateway to Cloud Hill.


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