City Grunge Garden
Gender Female
Car Yellow/Green 1999 Honda Accord Wagon

Pastel is the relative of Grunge Garden. She normally drives near a set of houses in the mainland.


  • Hello {insert name}! You doing good? I've heard! Challenging the Meister..that's such a wonderful dream! It sounds so cool! I'm rooting for you! A Meister is what everyone's yearning to be! Oh yes. I've heard that the key to racing is weight shifting. I've heard that it keeps you from jumping around too much! That'd be so handy! But I wonder how you do it? I'm going to have to try different things out.
  • Hello {insert name}! Wow, you've become more impressive than before! People change when they start racing and stuff. Oh!! There's something I want to tell you! I've heard a rumour that the Meister is in town right now. I hope you meet him soon!


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