Peach FM's Front Desk
City Peach Town
Gender Male
Car Seafoam Green Subaru 360
Recruitable No

Peach FM's Front Desk is a pale green Subaru 360 and a receptionist. You only see him when you get a voucher from the Peach Town Police Officer and give it to him. He in return will give you a Peach Doll.


  • Hi! Welcome to Peach FM! Hey! Can I help you?
  • Oh! Do you have a "Voucher"? Unfortunately, all the "Vouchers" have already been passed out. See you next time! Bye-bye!
  • Oh! You have a "Voucher". Yes, this is good for a "Peach Doll". Please take care of it. See you next time! Bye-bye!


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