Peach Town Policeman
City Peach Town
Gender Male
Car White/Black 1990 Nissan Primera MkI [P10]
Recruitable No

The Peach Town Policeman is a white and black Nissan Primera MkI police car. He tells you that a person named Tim has lost his wallet somewhere. If you later return to the Police HQ with Tim's wallet, the police officer will give you a voucher that Tim handed in earlier. This voucher will allow you access into Peach FM.


  • (when the protagonist first meets him) "Hi! Hello! Do you need some help?"
  • "Good work! See you!"
  • (when the protagonist says "Yes") "What? A lost item? Now, let's take a look. Oh! It's Tim's wallet! He was searching for this. Thanks, I'll send it back."
  • "Good work last time. Tim says he has a reward and he gave me this. I heard there's goods at Peach FM! Why don't you go there?"


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