City Sandpolis
Gender Male
Car White/Yellow Nissan Primera MkI
Recruitable No

Picarl is a lighthouse owner on the edge of the sea in Sandpolis. Picarl is the brother of the White Mountain Policeman, there is a stamp by visiting Picarl for fulfilling his brother's wish.


  • Hello! Thanks for coming to such a lonely place. I'm happy to see someone! On the rare occasion that someone visits me, I become so happy that I want to light up even more! Ha ha, I'm joking. I can't do that, because the lighthouse is here for the safety of the boats in the ocean. I have a brother in White Mountain, and he works at the police station. For some reason, we both work for the safety of others. I'm proud of that! Oh, I'm talking too much. Feel free to visit me again!
  • (if you visit his brother, then visit him) Hello! What? My brother is worried because I haven't contacted him? Oh, I see!! I was so busy operating the lighthouse, that I forgot to contact him. I didn't know that he was worried. Please tell my brother that I'm fine, I'm sorry that I haven't contacted him. Please. For those of us who have places to protect, nice people like you have been a great help. Thank you very much! Please come and visit me again!
  • Hello! Oh, it's you! You're always welcome!! As always, the gleam of my lighthouse is protecting the boats in the ocean. I have a wonderful job! Please say hello to my brother! I'm counting on you!
  • Hello! Oh, it's you! You're always welcome!! We serve to protect the safety of different regions, and you serve to protect the safety of the world. I truly respect you. I would like to follow your example! Well then, please come again.


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