City Peach Town
Gender Female
Car Red 1995 McLaren F1 LM
Recruitable Yes

Pillow is a Choro-Q from Peach Town that tells you she can't drive any faster than she already can. If you have a fan club, she will want to be your teammate so the both of you can co-operate together on winning the races. If you don't have a fan club, she will say that you'll both learn together. She is a moderately fast racer while recruited, often coming in 10th to 6th place when given the appropriate parts for a race.

Quotes Edit

  • (Before recruiting her) "I just started racing and I'm not very fast. Maybe if I join your team, I can learn from you! So, can I be on your team?"
  • (Declining her request) "Oh, OK. I'm not good enough. If you change your mind, I'd be happy to join."
  • (Accepting her request) "Thank you. You won't regret this."
  • (Whilst on your team) "You'll teach me to race fast? Cool! I'll do my best!"
  • "I must look like a weakling to you. Soon I'll be big and strong."


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