City Brachy
Gender Female
Car Magenta Red 1998 VW Beetle

Planetta is the girlfriend of Lafnek, she is unpatient of waiting for him near the cafe because he was busy. She found out that the protagonist was going to become a racer.

Quotes Edit

  • "So you're aiming to become a racer! I'll cheer for you, good luck!"
  • "You won the Grand Prix! How amazing! I'll cheer for you more than ever!! I don't know what to say... Great!! Just too great!!!"
  • "Do you know Lafnek? All he thinks about is machines. But he's really thoughtful and kind."
  • "You know what? I made him lunch, but he didn't eat it! He was working on his machine, and he forgot to eat it!"
  • "Oh! He promised to meet me at the cafe, but he didn't come! He was working on someone's machine, and he forgot! I don't believe him! I'm Mad! Mad! Mad!"
  • "Listen! He's getting ready for the race with someone. But he doesn't tell me more! Doesn't he care about me?"
  • "Unbelievable! He's working on someone else's engine. How disgusting! Touching an engine other than mine! I won't forgive him this time!"
  • "I'm asking him, pick the race or me! Oh, what should I do? I went to his house, but when I saw him, I couldn't say it. I really can't believe him! I'm Mad! Mad! Mad!"


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