Police Light
Cost 5000G
First Found Parts Shop or Fotbar Laboratory
Acceleration 15% Boost
Speed 0% Boost
Game Description "You can accelerate at an emergency vehicle point!"

The Police Light is a vintage-style police emergency light beacon, with a rotating light placement system. This part is acquirable through two different methods; it is purchasable at the Parts Shop in Poqui, or can be created at Fotbar Laboratory by synthesizing an Emergency Light and Red Lamp together.


  • This type of light beacon was introduced in the 1940's, and its design soon became the widely accepted standard in police departments across the world. As more advanced light bar systems started to become commonplace during the 1980's, light beacons began to be phased out from service. In the current day, they are no longer in use by Japanese police departments, although are still used by a smaller amount of departments in other countries.


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