The Police Station is a recurring building found in some cities of Choro-Q HG 2. Police Stations are always significant places and play a role in situations such as; the lost wallet at Peach Town, the Police Light at My City and the communications between the owner of the lighthouse and the White Mountain Police Officer at White Mountain.

They also appear in Choro-Q HG 4 at Brachy and Nyaky with Radnize and Korucho. In which you can do a job to patrol the town with Radinze or collect items from Korucho to fuse them.

In Choro-Q Works at Magiha Town  (マジハタウン) and Baizu Town (バイズタウン). At those towns you can do works for two police officers who want you to find and follow the thief/bad guy.


  • Despite having to protect the cars of the city, none of the policemen actually leave to do so. (The owner of the My City police station is seen outside the police station before he moves there).


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