Poonk is the town mayor of Echo Forest. He never liked people who destroy nature, knows something about yellow mushrooms. He will give the protagonist the legendary engine if they gathered 30 flags and then go to his house.

Quotes Edit

  • Are you an outsider? Don't destroy nature! Don't step on any flowers!
  • (about Angry Mushroom) Want to know about yellow mushrooms? Never eat yellow mushrooms, never! Okay?
  • Hey, that's the frog ornament I ordered. Why do you have it? What? I didn't know you were helping FroKero. Very admirable. Thanks for the delivery. Yep, FroKero is definitely skilled. I thank you for delivering it.
  • The legendary engine of this city. Are you in need of this right now?
  • Well, fine. I'll give this to you. Good luck!
  • (after giving the player the legendary engine) Good luck!