City Echo Forest
Gender Male
Car Orange/Limerick Toyota Supra RZ (JZA80)

Poonk is the town mayor of Echo Forest. He never liked people who destroy nature, knows something about yellow mushrooms and will give the protagonist a engine if they gathered 30 flags and go to his house.

Quotes Edit

  • Are you an outsider? Don't destroy nature! Don't step on any flowers!
  • (about Angry Mushroom) Want to know about yellow mushrooms? Never eat yellow mushrooms, never! Okay?
  • Hey, that's the frog ornament I ordered. Why do you have it? What? I didn't know you were helping FroKero. Very admirable. Thanks for the delivery. Yep, FroKero is definitely skilled. I thank you for delivering it.
  • The legendary engine of this city. Are you in need of this right now?
  • Well, fine. I'll give this to you. Good luck!
  • (after giving the player the legendary engine) Good luck!