HG4 MapP
Type Western
Location West
Notable inhabitants 50

Poqui (Pokuitaun in Japanese) is the second town in Choro-Q HG 4.


Poqui appears to be the poorest town in the game. Most of the residents do not just consist of those in poverty, but those with rough personalities especially the Tough Chicks who represent as the major gang in the town and a racing team Team Pomnik.

Buildings Edit

  • Bulletin Board
  • Busropa Toy Shop
  • Poqui Parts Shop
  • Poqui Body Shop No.3
  • Poqui Body Shop No.4
  • Poqui Drinks
  • Buzkaz's House
  • Batelie's House
  • Gust Recycling Centre
  • Zunayomi Bus
  • Poqui Post Office
  • Zamel Brothers' House
  • Barat's House
  • Draoga's House
  • Budbach Haunted House
  • Hang-out
  • Bidalt's House
  • Thunderball Drive-In
  • Boynik's Delivery
  • Zeltaf's House
  • Lafnek's House
  • Jadek and Daktan's House
  • Goltica Chocolate Factory
  • Team Pomnik

Inhabitants Edit

Known Tasks Edit

  • Race against Draoga!
  • Joined the Tough Chicks!
  • Read a letter to Draoga
  • Great job at the factory!
  • Dr. Zeltaf's experiment
  • Test at the haunted house
  • Jadek/Daktan reconciled
  • Barat challenges!
  • The bus bomb scare
  • Part-time delivery job
  • Part-time cleaning job
  • A set of tyres
  • Part-time mailman job
  • Helped Zeltaf
  • Barat joins the team!
  • Ran Buzkaz's errands
  • Put flowers on the grave
  • Heard about the Tough Race
  • Meet Lafnek
  • Race Barat in the Pro Cup
  • Ran Bidalt's errands
  • The Tough Chicks cheer!
  • Race Barat in the GP
  • Part-time mail pickup job
  • Part-time package pickup job
  • Kids asked for things
  • Part-time planting job
  • Part-time harvesting job
  • Got a rare book
  • Refuelled Choro-Q
  • Met a match salesperson
  • Towed broken Choro-Q
  • Listened to religious man
  • Rusted slot car wins!
  • Aim to win with Barat


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