City Nyaky
Gender Female
Car Grey Alpine A110

Poys is Maykus's wife, she and Maykus wants to get to Getra Palace and you directed them that they're there already. Poys gave you an letter of inheritance saying that Maykus died the other day but your name is already known on his grave and Poys thanks you for being a little bit of help to her. She is a character the player will never see again.


  • "We came here to create our last memories."
Maykus: "That's right.Young ones these days don't tell us directions."


  • Poys and Maykus both are similar to Keish and Nyakki. There is a chance that they are part of the Megbeth family.
  • The inheritance money that Poys gives you is around 100,000G.


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